Neoscan N60

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Manufacturer Neoscan
True low-contrast 3D resolution 8 um
Weight 45 kg

NEOSCAN N60 is a compact, desk-top, general purpose X-ray laboratory instrument for non-destructive 3-dimensional reconstruction of internal microstructure of the objects. Typical applications included, but not limited, by small molded or 3D printed parts in plastic, glass-fiber composites with 20-100µm fiber thickness, biological materials (tissue, small bones, etc.), entomology, food, small electronic assemblies and devices, geological samples (<10 mm), pharmaceutical products and packaging (tablets, pills, capsules, …), etc.

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Pixel size at maximum magnification 3.8 µm
True low-contrast 3D resolution 8 µm
Maximum scanning diameter (single scan/offset scan) 19 mm / 36 mm
Maximum scanning length 60 mm
Maximum physical object length 140 mm
Radiation safety < 1µSv/h at 10cm from instrument surface
Size / weight 800W x 310D x 375H mm / 45kg
Power supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz, 3A
X-Ray Source:
Type metal-ceramic, permanently sealed
Emitter W, reflective target
Maximum voltage 65 kV
Maximum power 50 W
Automatic filter changer, number of positions 4
X-Ray Detector:
Image sensor 15 megapixels CMOS, cooled
Camera field of view 22 x 13 mm
Camera pixel size 4.25 µm
Scintillator GADOX
Fibre-optics 1 : 1, radiation hardened

The NEOSCAN N60 based on newly developed key components, such as advanced metal-ceramic microfocus X-ray source and specially designed for this system large-format X-ray detector. It also includes precision electromechanical manipulator controlled by new electronics with micro-stepping drives, and integrated software package for scanning, reconstruction and visualization of obtained results.The X-ray source is a permanently sealed, maintenance-free metal-ceramic tube with big power and extremely long lifetime. An acquisition geometry used in NEOSCAN N60 with object positioned close to detector and spatial resolution fully defined by detector allows using X-ray source with significantly high power than in other microtomography instruments without compromising spatial resolution.

The X-ray detector based on cooled 8-megapixel imaging sensor directly attached to radiation-hardened fiber-optic plate coated by directly deposed scintillator. Small pixel size in image sensor and specially produced fiber-optics with very thin, radiation-protective fibers ensure high image quality and long lifetime without radiation damages.

Specially designed object manipulator in combination with drive electronics for micro-stepping control of all motors provides micron-level accuracy in object positioning and rotation during scanning.

The NEOSCAN N60 system includes internal shielding sufficient for using this instrument in standard laboratory environments according to all safety regulations without any additional requirements to installation areas.

The system supplied with variety of stages for different object sizes.

The system can be supplied with optional computer with all preinstalled software, or with software package on flash drive for installation on customer computer. The system requires one USB3 connection to control computer. Minimum computer configuration is following:

  • ⦁ Laptop or desktop with available USB3 port
  • ⦁ 1GHz or faster Intel processor
  • ⦁ 2GB or more memory
  • ⦁ 100GB or more hard drive
  • ⦁ NVidia graphics recommended
  • ⦁ Microsoft Windows-10 Pro

Supplied software includes integrated package for Scanning / Reconstruction / Visualization with friendly Microsoft-Office style user interface.
Optional Parts:

  • The NEOSCAN N60 can be supplied with optional Computer in following configuration with all preinstalled software:
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 or similar:
  • ⦁ Intel Core i7 processor
  • ⦁ 16GB memory
  • ⦁ 512GB Solid State Drive
  • ⦁ NVidia GTX1060 integrated graphics
  • ⦁ 15” touchscreen with native 3240x2160 pixels

Service and Support:

The NEOSCAN N60 system supplied with standard 12 months warranty. Extended warranty can be purchased separately.

For service and training purposes, it is strongly recommended to get good internet connection in the computer used for system control.



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